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Friday, March 1, 2013

CERTIFIED Gluten-Free from Shelf Reliance

Many can advertise gluten-free products but not everyone can call those products CERTIFIED gluten-free!  Certified gluten-free means that Shelf Reliance prepares and packages these products in an area and with machinery used exclusively for gluten-free products.

Click the image above to view Shelf Reliance Certified Gluten-Free flyer.

Shelf Reliance knows that gluten-free diets are important for lots of people and, since Shelf Reliance is always looking out for its current and future customers, they felt it a priority to be able to add these products to their line of high quality, healthy, and delicious THRIVE products.

The list of certified gluten-free products is impressive - NEARLY 100 PRODUCTS!

With all of these products, Shelf Reliance can help you achieve a gluten-free diet with NO EXTRA COST to you!

Contact me to get gluten-free in your home food store.

March Q-pon kicks off Organic Thrive Foods

March is the month where Shelf Reliance rolls out the first of its many ORGANIC products and, for you lucky Q members, you can get a jump start on adding these products to your home food store with a great price on ORGANIC SPELT!  Retailing at $12.59, your can get your #10 can for just $9.49!  That is a savings of 33%!

Click here to see the flyer and watch the video of Chef Todd making Potato Spelt Cakes.

Nutrition experts refer to spelt as the "super grain" because it has not been bred over the years to accommodate a desire for an increased yield or a higher gluten content sought after both commercial bakers seeking a higher volume of goods.  Although NOT gluten free, spelt has a lower gluten content.  Spelt can be used as a replacement for wheat but will provide a hint of nuttiness to whatever you make.  Those with wheat allergies will find spelt as a viable alternative.  So - if you want to add an element of gourmet, high nutritional value, and lower gluten content GIVE SPELT A TRY!

Use the following THRIVE recipe to make delicious Potato Spelt Cakes and then try out more uses with your Organic Spelt with more delicious recipes given at


Crazy Mad March Specials

March Madness kicks off early with Shelf Reliance's monthly specials on a wide variety of products - fruits, desserts, drinks, proteins, shelving, water filters, and more.

Here is a rundown of the products with delicious recipe ideas you will find when you click on the image..

Kidney Beans
Kidney Beans for $11.59 / #10 can
Click for Crazy Good Chili recipe.
Lima Beans
Lima Beans for $13.59 / #10 can
Click for Calico Beans recipe.

Strawberries - Freeze Dried
Sliced Strawberries for $23.19 / #10 can
Click for Strawberries & Cream Hot Cereal

Orange Bliss
Orange Bliss Drink for $15.59 / #10 can
Click for Strawberry Banana Smoothie recipe
Chicken TVP
Chicken TVP for $10.59 / #10 can
Click for Easy to Fix Chicken Salad for One
                                                          25% off of
   Kidney Beans
   Lima Beans
 Chicken TVP
Sliced Strawberries
Orange Bliss Drink

Q member? You also have the opportunity to purchase ORGANIC SPELT for just $9.49.  Not a Q member?  Let me help you become one - you'll love it!!!

14-In-1 Multi ToolThe Reserve 72" #10Water Filtration Bottle